Treasury is a priority concern for finance management today, given the importance of:  


  • Managing cash and working capital to best effect

  • Identifying and hedging financial risk

  • Assuring dependable funding for the business

  • Ensuring that up to date controls are in place to secure all operations  


Treasuries are evolving to fulfil new needs for the benefit of the whole enterprise, and treasurers accordingly need to develop new areas of expertise to deliver superior results.  


A little external expert help can make the difference for your organisation.  


TreasuryWise enables you to take advantage of Kelvin Walton's unique set of skills, experience, achievements and extended expert network in treasury and treasury technology, including strategic development and organisation, solution design and delivery, treasury policy creation & review, security and control, managing vendors to best effect, marketing your organisation, and promoting your achievements within the industry.  


Making the most of your treasury technology:


Leveraging your investment in technology to meet today’s needs, updating processes and reporting to maximise and protect the value of your investment.


System selection:


Assuring an accurate process, based on industry-wide experience, that delivers the right result for your particular.


Organise the selection project: define objectives, select potential suppliers, structure RFPs that work, analyse results, assess vendors’ priorities versus your needs, make the right decision, negotiate realistic commercial terms, minimise your risk.  


System implementation:  


Eliminate project risk, plan with appropriate levels of control and monitoring, identify & include all relevant stakeholder interests, provide expert liaison between treasury and, vendor and third parties, manage the inevitable changes to best effect.


Treasury policy & organisation:  


Review today’s demands against your current structure and controls – plan, design and deliver the necessary enhancements.  Respond effectively to audit reports.  


Extending treasury services throughout the enterprise:


Review and deliver the extension of treasury’s services throughout the organisation, to enhance cash forecasting, funding and hedging quality.  


Media relations:


Make the most of interview, case study, webinar and conference presentation opportunities.  


Relevant Technology Experience: includes Ace, Bellin, Bottomline Technologies, Fides, FXall, Hanse Orga, Kyriba, MisysCM, Reval, SunGard, Surecomp, SWIFT, Visual Risk, Wallstreet Systems


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